Lu Yao knows the horse power, sees the human heart time and time, does not know us the time very much, perhaps only needs 20 seconds

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Suzhou motto Trade Co., Ltd.,founded in 2012, is specialized is engaged in the welding and assembly process of materials and supplies production, sale and service of enterprise, to develop completely flat absorbing surface appearance of tin, audit, and won the national invention patent product material: thousand live M705Ag3 % as raw material, low price sales, service supply of the public needs. With electronic industry engaged in more than 20 years production management experience and the current electronics industry at survival pattern, and then tin on research and development production and sales, adhering to the concept of innovation and service, suzhou Ming sleep company has become a photoelectric industry, electronic assembly industry, the Internet and communications industries one of the main welding material manufacturer and supplier. And to meet the needs of all kinds of customers, specially provide various industries to use the pre-formed tin sheet and production materials an...