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Preformed tin sheet

Antistatic rubber

Rubber pad material: antistatic material and dissipative electrostatic material, synthetic rubber and so on
Rubber pad width: 1m/1.2m
Thickness of rubber pad: 2/3/4/5mm
Surface resistance: 10E6 Ω -10E9
Conductive resistance:10E3Ω-10E5Ω
Pad color: gray / Green Black / Black / Gray Black

Antistatic finger sleeve

Finger length: 55+-2mm
Material: latex gloves
Finger size: S, M
Color: transparent matte / Pink finger

Anti-static brush

Type: toothbrush type (horizontal handle), paint brush type (straight handle), U type (Bay handle) and so on
Surface resistance: carbon fiber synthetic plastics 105 Ω: fiber +PC synthesis 106-108

Anti-static packing bag

Inner surface resistivity:105-1010(Ω/sq)。
Outer surface resistivity: less than 108(Ω/sq)。
Static attenuation: <0.05 seconds

Anti-static wrist

Main specifications:
Maximum length of spring cord 250cm.
Leakage resistance 10^6 Ω (protective resistor 10^6Ω).

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